<CGI Fine Art Print, 2018>

The Primitives refers to the sculptures of Minimal Art. The series consists of various geometric shapes such as cubes, pyramids, cylinders, cones or tori. They have immaculate, gleaming surfaces and a rich, at times almost fluorescent colouring: dark red, purple, deep blue, beeswax yellow. The objects are presented in perfect light on a neutral white background. The artists of the Minimal Art movement used industrial materials and production methods. Today, Banz & Bowinkel go one step further and use a computer for the complete production process and for presenting their sculptures. This results in images of sculptural shapes with an intense, yet intangible presence. What material are they made from? How large are they? How heavy are they? “What you see is what you see”: this is how Frank Stella summed up his minimalistic concept of art back in 1958. In the light of digital age art, the statement is given a radical new meaning.

Text by WSI