<Engine Idle>

CG HD Video, 13:39 min., 2016-2020

Engine Idle (2016-2020) is a computer generated HD video exploring a 3D interior where two virtual “entities” talk about a digital space into which they have arrived though they don’t know how. The conversation turns into an absurd reflection of the peculiarities of the digital sphere, including the room, furniture, decoration, accessories, the 280 materials used and 327 objects arranged in this virtual world, as well as the camera movements, effects to navigate the virtual world and the 339 243 kilobytes memory needed to run the show. The virtual entities go on and on, and it quickly becomes apparent that their little chat is describing the logic of the technology that makes this digital space possible (in this specific case, the Archinteriors for C4D vol. 37 collection by Evermotion).

Text by Erandy Vergara