!Welcome to CryptoPortraits!

„CryptoPortraits“ is a series of portraits about representation in virtual space and in specific on social media, our digital twins, and the question of how much data it takes to create an image of us. As long as we are accepting submissions, each submission will be turned into a CryptoPortrait. This is done by hand and takes longer than many people think 🙂 That‘s why there is quite a queue already and we ask for your patience if it takes a little longer until your CryptoPortrait is ready. As soon as your CryptoPortrait is done, it will be published first on Instagram and your account will be linked to it in the post. This way you will also know your CryptoPortrait is live. With its publication, the CryptoPortrait is also beeing entered into the Tezos Blockchain as an NFT. This NFT will be unique. If you already know that you want to purchase your CryptoPortrait, let us know, because this will speed up your waiting time since you are then directly supporting what we do :))

We look forward to hearing from you and welcome,

Giulia & Friedemann