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Giulia Bowinkel & Friedemann Banz generate scenarios of the juxtaposition of nature, texture, body and space, mass, form and substance. The artist duo generates reflective moments that shift between moving images, virtual scupltures and snapshots. Technological tools that have become an integral part of contemporary society serve as source and material – the computer becomes a tool and the interactions with it the subject of their work. The human being free in his choice and with his computer technological possibilities [as a subject and as an avatar] form again and again a reference point when generating forms in the visual (re)-construction of diversity and the digital image of what presents itself as {real}.*

<Current Exhibitions>

<Diving into art>

<Diving into art>

03/05/2023 - 09/10/2023 Museum unter Tage, Bochum [www.situation-kunst.de]

<Hybrid Nature>

<Hybrid Nature>

14/05/2023 - 29/10/2023 Hofgarten & Ehrenhof NRW Forum Düsseldorf [www.nrw-forum.de]

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* Text by Christina Irrgang

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