1.) Is there any picture specification?

Please send 2 – 3 pictures

– in color

– passportlike

– straight aligned head

– well illuminated.

2.) Where do I send my images?

You can send us your images to following email address:

3.) How long do I have to wait for my CryptoPortrait?

Every CryptoPortrait is handmade and that takes its time.
There is a waiting list already, so please be patient.
Meanwhile have a look at all the other members of the club 🙂

4.) How will I get informed when my CryptoPortrait is finished?

We will drop it on instagram, facebook and twitter under our accounts:
Instagram: @banzbowinkel
Facebook: @giuliabowinkel
Twitter: @banzbowinkel

5.) Where are the CryptoPortraits minted?

The CryptoPortraits are minted on the Tezos Blockchain.
Find the link to the marketplace OBJKT.COM here:

6.) What do the NFTs cost?

Once your CryptoPortraits is minted you can purchase its NFT.
Please contact us for the actual price via email:

Thank you for beeing part in this project!